Lisa Upton

human performance Coach

Meet Lisa Upton, Executive ILM Coach & Trainer, qualified hypnotherapist, and NLP Practitioner, serving as the Director & founder of Euphrenity – Training & Consultancy. Lisa is deeply committed to aiding individuals dealing with mental health issues, dedicating substantial time to collaborate with researchers at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, delving into the neuroscience of various mental health challenges.

Grounded in scientific understanding, Lisa recognizes the importance of embracing Eastern approaches to wellbeing. She advocates for somatic therapies, incorporating practices like breathwork and meditation, recognizing their valuable contributions to mental health. In her multifaceted approach, Lisa combines scientific insights with holistic methodologies to foster comprehensive mental health support.

Adam Laidler

Psychotherapist, Coach and Speaker

Meet Adam, with a wealth of experience as a seasoned psychotherapist steering his own practice, Adam also takes on roles as a dedicated coach and a captivating public speaker. His fervor lies in guiding individuals to not only discover but ignite their fullest capabilities, fostering personal growth and empowerment.

Adam’s practice is not only rooted in tradition but also at the forefront of contemporary advancements, as he seamlessly integrates cutting-edge scientific research into his therapeutic approach. This amalgamation of science, pragmatism, and heartfelt empathy sets Adam apart in his field. His commitment to his craft goes beyond routine, as he continually seeks to broaden his horizons, incorporating the latest knowledge and insights into his work.

With a genuine passion for facilitating positive transformations, Adam’s holistic approach ensures that individuals under his guidance not only navigate their challenges but also flourish in realizing their true potential. 

Louise Harris

holistic wellbeing coach

Meet Louise, the visionary behind Mindful Being. With certifications spanning yoga, breathwork, energy coaching, mindfulness training, writing, energy healing, and shamanic practice, she embodies a diverse range of holistic expertise.

Through meticulously crafted online courses, Louise empowers conscious seekers to unlock their latent potential, aiding them on their journey of self-discovery and self-expression. Her true passion lies in guiding individuals away from overthinking and towards the wisdom of the body, facilitating inner tranquility and heart-centered expansion.

Louise is deeply committed to her personal evolution, with a special focus on nurturing the feminine aspects within her and others. As she continues to grow, her collaborative ventures and digital programs evolve in tandem, mirroring her expansive odyssey.

Sally Castleman

massage therapsist
Meet Sally, a seasoned and highly qualified massage therapist with an impressive track record spanning over two decades. Her expertise has been finely honed in both spa and retreat settings, making her a true master in the field of massage therapy. Sally not only excels in delivering exceptional treatments but also dedicates a significant portion of her time to teaching and sharing her passion with others.

Sally’s extensive experience and profound knowledge in intuative massage therapy have positioned her as a sought-after professional in her industry. 

Sally’s journey in massage therapy is characterised by a genuine love for her work, a commitment to excellence, and a deep desire to positively impact the lives of those she serves, all while pursuing her passion as an independent practitioner.

Phill Kelly

Olympic Performance Coach

Introducing Phil, an Olympic Human Performance Coach, accomplished business owner, and captivating TED Speaker. His adeptness lies in fostering meaningful connections with clients, a skill that has facilitated the creation and delivery of successful training programs across diverse industries on a global scale.

After a brief career as a professional footballer and 12 years in the military, Phil has ascended to a prominent position as a premier performance coach in the UK. His clientele boasts Olympic Champions and top-tier FTSE 100 executives.

Leveraging his ardor for his craft and bolstered by his educational and leadership background, Phil crafts personalized developmental packages that reflect his clients’ unique needs.

Phil finds delight in the art of public speaking, a passion that sees him gracing stages worldwide year-round. His talks are not only engaging but also timely, delving into contemporary organizational themes and challenges.

Mark Upton

Creative and Expressive Art Coach

Meet Mark, a holder of a BA Honours in Fine Art & Sculpture, driven by an unwavering passion to awaken individuals’ creative essence and unearth profound emotions.

Guiding through his coaching, Mark has borne witness to art’s transformative potential, recognizing its capacity to mend and restore. He understands that the act of creating art and engaging in creative therapies can serve as both a healing journey and a comprehensive method for fostering novel modes of existence and connection. This, in turn, leads to heightened self-awareness and self-value, cultivating a sturdy foundation of self empowerment.

Louise Peers

Clinical Sleep Scientist


Meet Louise owner of Ashby Sleep Solutions. She is a HCPC registered Clinical Sleep Scientist with a PGDip in Sleep Medicine from Oxford University and the international qualification RPSGT for sleep analysis. She is also trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia, CBTi, and loves helping people mend their sleep. Her ability to diagnose and treat sleep concerns can make it a very short process to start therapy where necessary. She will recommend, however, if you would benefit onward treatment within the NHS and therefore under the care of a suitable clinical team. She is passionate about sleep education having trained many Doctors, physiologist.