Life is not about finding yourself

Life is about designing yourself

About Euphrenity


At Euphrenity, we collaborate with organisations to craft, refine, and invigorate wellbeing strategies. Our mission extends to delivering comprehensive wellbeing performance, personal development training, and coaching.

Additionally, we extend our services to individuals, providing coaching, therapy, and intimate private retreats.

Our offerings encompass personalised 1:1 coaching, enlightening talks, engaging workshops, and rejuvenating retreats. Tailored for individuals, corporate entities, and small businesses, our content seamlessly integrates diverse modalities. This integration includes a harmonious blend of contemporary disciplines such as practical neuroscience and psychotherapy, coupled with timeless practices like yoga, meditation, and movement.

The Euphrenity team is composed of seasoned coaches and therapists, each boasting over 20 years of prior experience in senior corporate roles. Having embarked on a journey of specialised training in their respective fields, they bring a wealth of expertise to their practice, ensuring a transformative and holistic approach to wellbeing for our clients. You can find our work on bookretreats.